GSport Emulated Ethernet

The Uthernet (TFE) support in GSport was made possible by implementing the GPL source written by Spiro Trikaliotis for the Vice emulator. This version of GSport contains the latest code from VICE 2.2.


Right now Uthernet emulation only works under Windows. Support for emulation under OS X and Linux is planned. In order to use Uthernet emulation, you must install WinPCap and have a wired (not wireless) Ethernet connection on the host computer.

GSport Setup

After GSport starts, press F4 to enter the text based menu and select the "Ethernet Card Configuration" option.

By default, Uthernet emulation is turned off. Enable it by setting "Uthernet Card in Slot 3" to "On".

Next, select the host interface you wish to use to communicate with the outside world. A list of available interfaces is provided on screen. For most the default of interface "0" is correct.

Return back to the main menu and save your configuration for good measure. Due to limitations, you must exit and restart GSport for the changes you made to take effect.

GS/OS Setup

In order to use TCP/IP connectivity under GS/OS, you need to install the latest version of Marinetti and its Uthernet Link Layer. Ewen Wannop has prepared a ready-made hard drive image with everything pre-installed, and that image is available in a version tuned specifically to GSport's Uthernet emulation. Download and use the disk image in the "GSport Internet Starter Kit": Software Images/

8-bit Applications

Uthernet enabled versions of Contiki and ADTPro work fine with GSport. Other 8-bit software should also work but are untested.